Guest Post, AleGBT Brewday

Today we brewed AleGBT, a blonde ale for our good friends’ Megan and Jenna’s wedding in May. They agreed to write up a guest post after helping me out with the brewing, so here it goes!…

Brewing is  . . .

Part Science
Part Art
As a wedding gift to us, our dear friends, Kevin and Shannon McElroy-#McElroybrewingco, offered to make us a keg for our wedding.  Last year Kevin brewed two amazing ales-Crystal Blonde and my favorite of the year, Freedom Blonde.  He used his experience from these two ales and Smooth as a Baby’s Butt (see previous blog posts) to create the recipe for our wedding keg.  We are grateful that on our two year anniversary of our first date, that the McElroys would welcome us into their home and help us create wedding beer.  Our beer will be called AleGBT.
I should tell you Jenna and I love to drink good beer, but don’t know much about homebrewing.  Here’s what we learned today:
1) There are many steps.  
Attention to detail is key; timing, precision, and knowing what you are doing makes all the difference.  There was lots of precise measuring and exact temperatures.  Science! Thanks Kevin for taking the lead on all these important details.  See previous blog posts for more info on “the steps.”
2)  There is a lot of gear.
Tubing, hoses, coolers, a siphon, nozzles, refractometer, carboy, pot, propane, and a custom hop spider.  Kevin, being the Renaissance man that he is, has modified much of his equipment to help him brew efficiently.  Art! 
3)  Be Prepared!
Make sure everything is easily accessible between the gear, water, and the ingredients.  Everything was close at hand and was easy to grab quickly when we needed.  Example:  Even though a piece of tubing broke off in the middle of brewing, Kevin was completely calm and solved the problem quickly by trimming of the broken end and reattaching it to a nozzle.  Thank goodness the scissors were near by!   
4) Weather be damned!  We will still brew in your slushy, icy rain.  
Even though it was chilly outside, brewing was great fun between the beer (We tried the 10 point IPA-YUMM and Kevin’s Porter-Yum X Yum), the kids, homemade soup, and wedding strategy, the four hour brewing time flew by. 
Thanks Shannon and Kevin for all your love, support, friendship and well wishes for the wedding.  We know our guest will enjoy AleGBT.  #grateful
A beer story . . . 



dumping the spent grains

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  1. Love those faces! Great post

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